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Genevieve Charron LaFerrière 

Born: December 08, 1679 in Quebec, Canada
Died: August 14, 1708 in Detroit, Michigan
Information: Genevieve was one of the early settlers of Fort Detroit, Michigan. Genevieve and Francois moved to Detroit. Information indicates they arrived in Fort Detroit August 2, 1707.

: François Bienvenue Dit Delisle (AKA Francois Bienvenu dit de L'Isle)
Born: September 1666 in La Porte de I'lle, France. Baptised at the Parish of St. Pierre Le Vieux, Vendee, diocese of La Rochelle, France
Christening: September 19, 1666 in St-Pierre-le-Vieux, France
Died: September 29, 1751 at the age of 88 years
Buried: Ste.-Anne-de-Detroit
Information: Seems François is the first person to own a tavern in Detroit.

Cadillac's Tenant Farmers: Of the garden lands within the fort we have the record of only two transfers of half an arpent each, one to Beauregard and the other to Delisle. The rate of rental in each case was 1 sol per foot, making 4 livres and 10 sols. The price fixes the size of a half arpent as 90 feet front.

Held lot #22 of the original 68 land grants Cadillac made to private individuals from March 1707 to June 1710. Lot #22 was fronted on St. Louis Street one lot away from St. Francis Street. Current Detroit streets would place it on Jefferson Avenue.

1708_map_overlay.gif (20300 bytes)

Francois Bienvenu "dit" DeLisle, served as Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac's lieutenant, and who was also Detroit's first tavern keeper

Many descendants of this man still live in and around Detroit. They generally go by the name of Delisle, and some of them have coupled the two names together, as Bienvenue-Delisle.

Francois was finally given land outside the fort, with the permission of King Louis XIV of France. Francois' property was south of the fort next to the village of the Potawatomi Indian village. Francois was known to trade brandy with the Indians and was written up in Cadillac's papers, because some settlers complained of problems with the Indians after DeLisle sold them brandy. In the records of Tanguay, DeLisle was said to have been a tavern keeper. If DeLisle was a tavern keeper, he probably opened the tavern on his property or within the fort. Francois' land was located where the base of the bridge to Canada now exists. In fact it is likely that Francois' land is now where the American side of the Ambassador Bridge now rests. This land was later traded by Alexis for a large tract of land on the River Rouge, which is now the township of River Rouge, where DeLisle Street still exists. Later the family moved to a site off Dearborn Road in Delray.


Married: About 1701 in Canada
Occupation: Cabaretier or Inn Keeper
Parents: Michel Bienvenu & Helena Guyard 

Descendants of Michel Bienvenu & Helena Guyard

Michel Bienvenu was born 23 September 1621 in Maillezais, France, and died 9 November 1677 in Maillezais, France

Helena Guyard was born and died in France.  She married Michel Bienvenu about 1662 in Parish of St. Pierre La Rochelle, France

Children: Catherine Delisle born August 19, 1663. Married Jacques Roy on September 4, 1692

Alexis Bienvenue Dit Delisle born about 1701and died October 13, 1763

Married: Elisabeth Josette Bouron on January 17, 1740 and died May 30, 1758 in Fort Detroit, Michigan. Her father was Joseph Bouron

Possible child: Monica Delisle (Daughter of Alexis Bienvenue Dit Delisle and Mary Ann Campau) married Antoine Peltier (born February 13, 1774) married on November 5, 1800. Monica Delisle was buried at St. Antoine, River Basin, July 1, 1822

Rafael Bienvenue Dit Delisle born 1704 Detroit, died April 24, 1706 Fort Detroit. It is said his was the first recorded death in Detroit.

Father Delhalle’s register entries simply stop a little more than a month before his death with the burial on 24 April 1706 of Rafael Bienvenue, age three, son of François Bienvenue dit Delisle and his first wife, Geneviève Charron dit LaFerrière. 

Marie-Marianne Bienvenue Dit Delisle born 1663 married Jacques Roussel Dit Sansoucy on April 7, 1725. Died September 29, 1751
Marie Ann Bienvenue Dit Delisle 
Antoine Bienvenu dit Delisle 

Information: Seems she moved to Illinois sometime in 1739. Records indicate she had five children.

Married: Francoise Rabut in Kaskaskia in 1726. His second marriage was to Louise Danis (Dany) in Kaskaskia, Illinois 

Died: May 11, 1805, Kaskaskia, Illinois 

Joseph Bienvenue born/baptized March 5, 1702 died December 3, 1711 Fort Detroit, Michigan

Pierre Tichenet had served as godfather for Joseph Bienvenue in 1704

Wife (2): Marianne Lemoine (La Moyne) born April 5, 1685 and died September 6, 1764
Married: August 20, 1708 in Montreal, Canada

Bienvenue dit Delisle remarried to Marie-Anne Lemoine in 1708, and together they had nine children at Detroit beginning in 1709 before returning to Montréal by 1724, where two additional children were born. Jetté. François Bienvenue Delisle was buried at Ste.-Anne-de-Detroit 29 September 1751, said to be eighty-eight.



Marie (Marieanne) Joseph Bienvenue born August 25, 1708 died September 29, 1751 

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