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Marie-Madeleine Charron LaFerrière 

Born: January 11, 1684 in Quebec, Canada

Husband 1
: Michel Chabot de Lamarre
Born: About 1680 in L'Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec, Canada
Married: September 2,  1703 in Lorette, Quebec, Canada

Jean Baptiste Chabot de Lamarre

Married Marie Jeanne Plouf on October 24, 1728 in St-Laurent, Québec 

Marie Madeleine Chabot de Lamarre, born January 23, 1705 in L'Ancienne-Lorette, Québec. Died on  March 31, 1745 in Québec

Married Jean Baptiste Beaudin Dit Desjardins on August 28, 1730 in Québec

Michel Chabot de Lamarre

Married Dorothée Cauchon on April 17, 1730 in St-Joachim, Québec 

Married Marie Anne GENDRON on August 12, 1740 in St-François-du-Sud, Québec


Husband 2: Alexis Bleau Dit Alexandre (Also see Blo) born about 1680 in Notre Dame de Grace, Evreux, Normandy, France

Son of Barthélemy Bleau and Barbe Aubryon 

Married on August/October 15, 1712 in L'Ancienne, Lorette, Quebec

Alexis Bleau Dit Alexandre, married St-Laurent (Québec) 1738-06-01 Marie Jeanne GERMAIN
Antoine Bleau Dit Alexandre, born about 1726, died August 20, 1791 in La Durantaye, Québec. 

Married Marie Bluteau on April 22, 1749 in St-Joachim, Québec. 

Married Madeleine Montminy on October 21, 1777 in La Durantaye, St-Michel, Québec 
Charles Bleau Dit Alexandre, born about 1713, died on January 2, 1791in Château-Richer, Québec.  Married Marguerite Thibault on May 4, 1744 in Château-Richer, Québec 
François Bleau Dit Alexandre

Married Marie Marguerite Galarneau on January 17, 1752 in Lauzon, St-Joseph, Québec.  

Married Marie Françoise Lemoine Dit Jasmin on October 20, 1760 in St-Michel de La Durantaye, Québec 

Geneviève Bleau Dit Alexandre

Married François Boulet on April 1, 1743 in Lauzon, St-Joseph, Québec 
Jean Bleau Dit Alexandre, born about 1736, died February 17, 1786 in St-Charles, Bellechasse, Québec 

Married Marie Benjamine Nolin on October 8, 1753 in St-Pierre Î.O., Québec 

Married Marie Anne Lacasse on May 17, 1758 in St-Charles de Bellechasse, Québec 

Joseph Marie Bleau Dit Alexandre

Married Geneviève Gagnon on December 13, 1736 in Petite-Rivière-St-François, Québec 

Married Agathe Françoise Lavoie on February 18, 1760 in Petite-Rivière-St-François, Québec

Pierre Bleau Dit Alexandre

Married Marguerite Benoit on August 20, 1753 in Québec 

Married Marie Madeleine Marin on August 24, 1772 in Québec 

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