LaFerriere/O'Neill Family Outings


We have been having a family outing for the past few years. Here are some of the pictures from the
August 21, 2005 get together at Bear Brook State Park and some of the previous gatherings.


Aunt Martha Uncle Bill.jpg (42376 bytes)

Bear Brook 2001.jpg (65881 bytes)
Aunt Martha and Uncle Bill The crew Ricky, Donna, Paul, and Joe
Becky and Paul.jpg (50679 bytes) Donaldo and Vanessa.jpg (66641 bytes)
Paul and Becky Donaldo and Vanessa
Jerry.jpg (44500 bytes) Jim and Rick.jpg (24194 bytes)
Jerry Jim and Ricky

Jim keeps checking for holes.jpg (23060 bytes)

Jim looking through holes.JPG (1324051 bytes)
Jim checking for holes And a couple of years later
Joe and Jim causing trouble.jpg (45996 bytes)

Joe Karen Matt and Grandkids.jpg (51339 bytes)

Joe and Jim planning trouble Karen, Matt, Joe, and the grandkids
Karen and Ben Jo.jpg (51224 bytes) Karen and Donna.jpg (43173 bytes)
Karen and Ben Joe Karen and Donna

Marco Jim and Rene.jpg (51543 bytes)

Marco Joe and Jim.JPG (57566 bytes)
Marco, Jim, and Rene Marco, Joe, and Jim
Matt and Margaret.jpg (35829 bytes) Paul and Karen.jpg (48919 bytes)
Matt and Margaret Karen and Paul
Paul and the little grill.jpg (29817 bytes) Paul and the SUPERGRILL.JPG (1380023 bytes)
Paul, Jim, and the small grill Paul and the SUPER grill

Paul and Uncle Bill.jpg (47474 bytes)

Paul stole the burger from Ben Joe.jpg (47593 bytes)
Paul and Uncle Bill Paul stole Ben Joe's burger
Supervising the cooking.JPG (1369908 bytes) Who is pregnant.JPG (1303733 bytes)
Everyone supervising the cooking Hmmm...who is pregnant here?