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These are pictures of the LaFerrière family 

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Aunt Pauline (Lagasse) Bolduc, Germain LaFerrière, Jacqueline LaFerrière, Sylvia Ooglund (sp), Uncle Roland Bolduc.  The baby may be the Bolduc's first son. Sylvia Ooglund is the daughter of the landlord in Auburn Maine (for Germain and Jacqueline LaFerrière) who lived with her parents downstairs from them. Rita, Marthe, Therese, and Denise LaFerrière in Coaticook, Canada probably in the early 1950's. 

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Rose LaFerrière and her son Jean.   Joseph LaFerrière with Denise, Raymond, Fern LaFerrière/Doucette (daughter of Germain and Jacqueline) Germain, Jacqueline, Rose, and Alexander.

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Roland Bolduc, Joe LaFerrière, Germain LaFerrière,  Pauline Bolduc, and Sylvia Oogland
Sylvia Oogland, her Mother, and Joe LaFerrière

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Rita LaFerrière/Martin, her husband Maurice Martin and their first child, Robert Martin

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