My grandfather (Joseph A. LaFerrière moved from Fall River, Massachusetts to Coaticook, Quebec, Canada which is where my father was born. Although I do not know a lot about his life there (at least not yet) he always traveled back to Coaticook and Sherbrooke at least every other year to visit friends and family. So this page is dedicated to his memories of Canada.


Old and current pictures of Coaticook, Quebec, Canada


   Coaticook Train Station today.jpg (73924 bytes)  Coaticook Train Station Today 2.jpg (98191 bytes) Coaticook Train Station Today 3.jpg (76966 bytes)

Coaticook Train Station in 1910 and today


Sugar Beet Factory in Coaticook circa 1880


Main Street looking east in Coaticook circa 1910

Downtown Coaticook today.jpg (78277 bytes)

Downtown Coaticook today


Bird's eye view of Coaticook, 1881

St-Jean lEvangeliste prefire 1949.jpg (172136 bytes) St-Jean lEvangeliste fire 1949.jpg (105748 bytes) St-Jean lEvangeliste Rebuilt 1950.jpg (26036 bytes)

St-Jean L'Evangeliste in 1949, after the fire, and today

CoaticookChildStreet.jpeg (72186 bytes)

CoaticookRiverDam.jpeg (108459 bytes)

Child Street in Coaticook Coaticook River Dam

Sherbrooke Quebec.jpg (829945 bytes)

Sherbrooke, Quebec circa 1905