St-Jean l'Évangéliste Church


This is the church where Joseph was baptized. The church was formed in 1913. The building was built in 1914, burned in 1949, then rebuilt in 1950. St-Jean L'Evangeliste is at 50 Court St. Coaticook, QC, Canada Ph: 819-849-3725. I don't know if this church in Paris might be a part of this one in Quebec but I did find it interesting.

St-Jean lEvangeliste prefire 1949.jpg (172136 bytes)

This is how the church looked prior to the fire in 1949

St-Jean lEvangeliste fire 1949.jpg (105748 bytes)

The fire of January 16, 1949

St-Jean lEvangeliste Rebuilt 1950.jpg (26036 bytes)  Saint-Jean-l' Évangéliste.jpg (18435 bytes)

After 1950

Eglise St-Jean l'Evangéliste Paris.jpg (20553 bytes)

Eglise St-Jean l'Evangéliste (Paris) I am not sure if they are connected.