LaFerrière's Cabinet Shop

Never will I know a more talented man than my father. There was nothing he couldn't do if he set his mind to it. Be it construction, custom designing kitchens, electrical, plumbing, painting, computers, etc. he would learn it. He started his woodworking career as a sideline while he was in the Air Force. He would strip furniture and do small jobs out of the garage at 760 Central Ave., Dover, New Hampshire. When he left the Air Force he rented a small place on Ash St. in Dover and started stripping, staining, and repairing furniture. He then built LaFerrière's Cabinet Shop in Industrial Park, Dover and for many years built kitchens for many residents of Dover and all over the east coast. Growing weary of employee issues (the shop employed five men and a secretary and myself as a gopher) he closed the Industrial Park location and moved the shop to the property he purchased in Madbury New Hampshire. He worked alone only hiring temporary help as needed. 


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Groundbreaking Ceremony Opening at Industrial Park
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Hard at work Dad with "Bear"
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Story in Foster's Daily Democrat LaFerrière's Cabinet Shop in Madbury, NH
LCS Ruler.JPG (560259 bytes) Oil Pump LCS.JPG (492968 bytes)
I remember him using this ruler on jobs when he worked out of the garage on Central Ave in Dover. He used this oil can for as long as I can remember.
X-Acto Knife Set 1957.JPG (533156 bytes)
Note the date (1957) he wrote on the top of the box. He used to use this knife set a lot at the shop in Dover.