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Mary Alice Aregis

AKA: Mary Immaculate LaFerrière

I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet many of my Aunts/Uncle's this past year. At a family reunion for the Aregis family I found out I have relatives living here in the Nashville area. 

Christmas after the house fire

1 Louie Aregis
2 Joe Aregis
3 Danny Aregis
4 Jimmy Aregis
5 Linda Aregis
6 Anna Aregis
7 Mary Aregis
8 Charlie Stratton Aregis
10 Bella Aregis
11 Simone Aregis
13 Jean Aregis
G Visiting guests from the Church of Christ
a Friend Jonnie Belaney
b Friend Shirley Haynes

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Born: April 22, 1935 in Manchester, New Hampshire
Christening: (?)
Died: August 21, 2002 in Grass Valley, California
Cremated: August 24, 2002 in Grass Valley, California
Education: According to information I have she completed her freshman year in High School.
Parents: Efstratious Ariges and Alice Laura Batchelder 

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