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My Dad accomplished many things in his life and I believe there was not too much he couldn't do. I cannot describe how many times he needed to do something (automotive body work, computers, etc.) and all he would do is pick up a book and become proficient.

June 1948 to December 1949 worked as a farm hand. Assisted in the care and milking of 12 cows, operated a cream separator, cared for and fed poultry.

July 1950 to December 1950 worked for George Couture, Lewiston, Maine

September 1949 to July 1950 LePage's Bakery, Lewiston, Maine

Sold Vacuum cleaners and Fuller Brush articles door-to-door from 1953 to November 1954 in Manchester, NH

January 1954 to March 1954 Electrolux Corporation, Manchester, New Hampshire

February 1954 to April 1954 worked for Evangeline Shoe Corporation, Manchester, New Hampshire

A carpenter who designed custom kitchens. Owned and operated LaFerrière's Cabinet Shop from 1965 until 1999. 

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