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Jean Baptiste Charron Dit LaFerrière 

Born: February 27, 1686 in St Augustin, Quebec, Canada
Christening: February 26, 1686
Died: May 23, 1757
Buried: May 24, 1757 in Saint-Michel-de-la-Durantaye, Quebec, Canada
Occupation: Blacksmith and Taillandier
Parents: Jean Baptiste Charron Dit LaFerrière & Anne D'Anneville

: Marie Genevieve DuPil
Born: March 13, 1689 in Neuville, Canada
Died: September 13, 1752 in La Durantaye, Quebec, Canada
Married: January 20, 1710 in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Portbeuf, Quebec, Canada
Parents: Remi Dupil and Anne Lagou 

Jean-Baptiste Dit Charron LaFerrière born April 23, 1719 
Marie-Louise Charron Dit LaFerrière born October 4, 1716 in St Pierre, Ile D'Orleans, Montmorency, Quebec
Marie-Marguerite Charron Dit LaFerrière born February 20, 1730
Female Charron Dit LaFerrière born March 2, 1724 and died March 2, 1724
Marie-Cecile Charron Dit LaFerrière born November 3, 1721 in Saint-Pierre, L'Île d'Orléans, Québec

Married Joseph Mimeau on February 21, 1746 in Saint-Michel, Bellechasse, Quebec


Marie-Cécile Mimeau born January 29, 1746
Marie-Geneviève Mimeau born October 26, 1748
Joseph Mimeau born January 1, 1750 and died January 5, 1758
Jean Mimeau born May 9, 1753
Marie-Angélique Mimeau born March 1, 1755 and died April 12, 1755

Marie-Thecle Charron Dit LaFerrière born November 3, 1725

Married John McCutchin on November 21, 1763 in Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
John McCutchin was born on about October 17, 1739 in Kincardine, Scotland. He died on April 3, 1810

Marie-Genevieve Dit Charron LaFerrière born November 8, 1710
Marie-Madeleine Charron Dit LaFerriere born November 8, 1714 and died September 29, 1771 in  Saint-Pierre, Quebec, Canada. Burial: 1795, Saint-Pierre, Quebec

Interesting Note: In 1795, it appears that, according to registers' of the parish of Saint-Pierre of the River-of-South, the wife of Joseph Lavergne says Renaud was buried in the cemetery of the parish. One added to the act of burial a note saying that elleétait dead following a ébloulis in the river and that it was remained twenty-four years under the remains. This note is sufficient to guarantee the authenticity of the fact reported by Annual Register.

Mrs Lavergne Had been born Madeleine Charron. We do not know the precise place of this fall (landslide) but we are certain that it was located between the farms belonging to Mr Jean-Guy Proulx and Lucien Samson on the northern row to Saint-Pierre.
(With Saint-Pierre-du-Sud, 1785-1985, Montmagny, Workshops Marquis Ltée, 296 pages, June 1985.

Here what we can read in "Annual Register for the year 1771", published in London on October 10: "Thursday, last 29 September, between four and five hours of the afternoon arrived the following catastrophe, namely: On arrival of a young man in a barouche, with the door of the house of a man named Renaud, in the parish of Saint-Pierre of the River-of-South, the Earth opened, absorbed and buried under its weight at the same time quesa etdeux car horses. There was at the house where it was stopped a woman, two girls and a young man; this last by seeing this catastrophe exclaimed "save us!" It had only time to leave, the ground entrouva again; the opening measuring about eighteen feet, which obliged it to move away but the woman was absorbed... la house collapsed and was carried about the distance from bitter and half of the place where it was before etfut buried in the river under an enormous ground mass........Ce upheaval an eminence of at least three bitter broad formed and of a score of feet top and the channel of the river was blocked...."

We know that the parish of Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud was victim of three significant landslides, that is to say in 1771, 1890 and 1918.

Marriage #1: Jean Fleuret

Marriage #2: Étienne Samson on February 3, 1739 in Beaumont, Quebec, Canada
Étienne Samson was born in 1714 and is deceased on February 4, 1743

Marriage #3: Joseph Laverge on July 21, 1747 in Levis, Quebec, Canada
Joseph Lavergne was born in March 1696 in Montmagny, Quebec


Marie-Angélique Charron Dit LaFerrière born December 11, 1712

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