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Jean Baptiste Charron Dit LaFerrière 

Born: February 27, 1646 in St. Eutrope, Xaintes Parish, Saintonge, France
Note: The old French Province of Saintonge was changed to the Department of Charente Inferiere, and is now the Department of Charente Maritime.
Christening: 1646 in St Eutrope, Larochelle, Aunis, France
Died: July 26, 1702 in Hôtel-Dieu, Quebec, Canada
Parents: Pierre Charron & Gabrielle Beaumont
AKA: LaFeriere
Information: From Jett: Jean Baptiste Charron Dit LaFerrière was from St. Eurtrope, Diocese of Saintes, Saintonge, (now known as Charenete-Maritime), France. He died  July 26, 1702 at Hôtel-Dieu Quebec at 68 years of age. He was 35 years old in the census of 1681 taken in the lower city of Quebec. He was engage (enlisted) at La Rochelle 15 March 1657 at 16 years of age (however, this would then support a date of birth of  1641 versus 1646) and was from Brouage at that time. He arrived 18 June 1665 in Quebec, Canada as a Carignan Regiment Soldier in the LaFouille Company. He married the widow of Antoine Filion - Anne D'Anneville on November 28, 1669 Quebec

From Robert Prévost, Éditions Libre Expression (Charron History)

The other pioneer to arrive during the seventeenth century — with the given name Jean, and known as Laferrière — was from Saintes. In 1669 at Quebec City, he married Anne d'Anneville, daughter of Brice d'Anneville and Marguerite Roy, and widow of Antoine Filion. He was a tool-maker, and belonged to the Company of La Fouille of the Carignan Regiment. Nine children were born of this union, of which five were daughters. Four of these founded households: Jacqueline with Antoine Plumeteau (1687), Marie-Anne with Joseph Charpentier (1689), Geneviève with François Bienvenu (1701) and Marie-Madeleine with Michel Chabot (1703). Of the four sons, the genealogical dictionaries mention only one who married: Jean-Baptiste, in 1710, to Geneviève Dupil, who also gave him nine children, of which one was a son.

Detailed information about Jean Baptiste Charron Dit LaFerrière from 1672 to 1698
Property Ownership 
Occupation and Military Background 

: Anne D'Anneville
Marriage Contract: November 16, 1669 by the Notaire Royal Michel Fillion
Married: November 28, 1669 in Basilique Notre-Dame de Québec, Canada

Jean Baptiste Charron Dit LaFerrière born February 27, 1686
Louis Charron Dit LaFerrière born January 6, 1671 and died November 4, 1687
Francois Charron Dit LaFerrière born about 1675 and died on December 24, 1702
Angelique Charron Dit LaFerrière born January 7, 1682 and died October 26, 1684
Marie-Madeleine Charron Dit LaFerrière born January 11, 1684
Jacqueline Charron Dit LaFerrière born January 24, 1673 
Etienne Charron Dit LaFerrière born January 29, 1678 and died December 21, 1694
Marie Anne Charron Dit LaFerrière born October 25, 1674
Claude Charron Dit LaFerrière born December 6, 1676 and died February 20, 1677
Genevieve Charron Dit LaFerrière born December 8, 1679

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