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Joseph Alexandre LaFerrière 

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Born: 5 May 1898 in Fall River, Massachusetts
Baptism (1): May 06, 1898 in St. Anne's Church, Fall River, MA
Godparents: Jeremie Gonthier and Antoinette LaFerrière
Baptism (2): May 07, 1908 in La Patrie (The Fatherland), Quebec, Canada
Occupation: Listed in some documents as a Journalier (Day Laborer). While living in Canada he purchased a farm in Hermenegilde, Quebec, Canada where he worked as a farmer and in the Mills in Coaticook. In 1935 he moved to Manchester, New Hampshire and worked at the Habitant Soup Plant (a Canadian subsidiary of Campbell Soup) for many years.
Died: October 7, 1992
Buried: St Charles Cemetery, Dover, New Hampshire
Residences: 27 Prospect Street, Manchester, New Hampshire
Parents: Joseph LaFerrière & Eulalie LePage  
Information: In 1903, his Mother moved the family to Remouski, Canada, after his Father died, and then to a farm outside of Coaticook, Canada. Joseph A. rarely spoke English and although we knew he understood, he always preferred to speak French. He moved from Coaticook, Canada in 1935 to Manchester, New Hampshire. He then lived with his son (Joseph A. R. LaFerrière) from 1972 until his death. SSN 009-12-0643 (VT)

: Rose Marie Cameron
Married: September 10, 1924 at St Marc, Coaticook, Quebec, Canada. Note: (not verified) Joseph and Rose had to pay an additional fee due to the fact they were very distantly related (3rd or 4th cousins). From what I understand this might be due to the LePage line.

Joseph Armand Renald LaFerrière born April 13, 1932 in Coaticook, Quebec, Canada
Jean M. LaFerrière October 5, 1926 in Coaticook, Quebec, Canada
Germain G. LaFerrière born March 9, 1929 in Coaticook, Canada
Lucien J. LaFerrière born June 24, 1930 in Coaticook, Quebec, Canada
Raymond J. LaFerrière born November 14, 1935 in Coaticook, Quebec, Canada
Andre J. LaFerrière born April 8, 1943 in Coaticook, Quebec, Canada
Therese M. LaFerrière born January 30, 1928 in Coaticook, Quebec, Canada
Rita M. LaFerrière born February 15, 1937 in Coaticook, Quebec, Canada
Marthe M. LaFerrière born July 14, 1945 in Coaticook, Quebec, Canada
Denise H. LaFerrière born October 26, 1948 in Coaticook, Quebec, Canada

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